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SP-API Health Dashboard (3)

What is changing? We are excited to announce the launch of our public Selling Partner API Health Dashboard! You are now able to view the current health status of every operation and past incidents from last 30 days for t…

SP-API Developer University YouTube Channel has launched! (3)

Our SP-API Developer University YouTube channel is now live. We are excited to now offer prospective and existing SP-API developers with self-service content such as on-demand webinars, fireside chats, product demos and …

November 2022 SP-API Release Announcement (3)

New Tax Reports for India Marketplace The Reports API has been updated to include three new tax reports for the India marketplace: GST Merchant Stock Transfer Report Provides details on inventory movements from Amazo…

Introducint Selling Partner API Guard (3)

Amazon Selling Partner API Guard (Selling Partner API Guard) is a serverless application that scans Amazon Web Services (AWS) data to assess security compliance with Amazon’s Data Protection Policy. It leverages custom …

Update to workflow for retrieving inventory summaries with FBA Inventory API v1 (3)

When retrieving inventory summaries with the Selling Partner API for FBA Inventory v1, use both the startDateTime and nextToken to get next page of inventory summaries that have changes after the date and time specified.…

October 2022 SP-API Release Announcement (3)

Notification and reports schemas now available on GitHub We are introducing JSON schemas for reports in the schemas folder of our selling-partner-api-models GitHub repository. Make sure to watch this repo to be notified …

Announcing Vendor Central Self-Authorization (3)

What is changing? As of October 18, 2022, Vendor Central has replaced the current developer console authorization page with a self-authorization page. This self-authorization page enables users to create authorization gr…

September 2022 SP-API Release Announcement (3)

API Changes Vendor Direct Fulfillment updates The Vendor Direct Fulfillment Shipping API v2021-12-28 now includes a createShippingLabels operation. This synchronous operation allows developers to make one call with a res…

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