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Changes to the Amazon Selling Partner Acceptable Use and Data Protection Policies (3)

What is changing?We are making clarifications and updates to the Amazon Acceptable Use and Data Protection policies governing the appropriate use of the Selling Partner API and Amazon Marketplace Web Service (Amazon MWS)…

Department name no longer used for listing shoes (3)

What is changing? To simplify the listing experience, Amazon will no longer require the "department name" attribute in feeds for listing products in the shoes category. To derive the department name, Amazon will use two …

Selling Partner API (SP-API) is launched in general availability worldwide (3)

What is changing?The Selling Partner API (SP-API) is now available for all registered developers worldwide. SP-API is the next generation suite of API-based automation functionality for Amazon's selling partners and an e…

Updated Communications Guidelines for Buyer-Seller Messaging (3)

What is changing?On November 3, 2020, Amazon will update its Communications Guidelines policy. These changes include guidance on permitted message types, appropriate content, and stylistic features for clearer communicat…

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