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Update to the feed templates for Beer, Wine & Spirits listings in the UK (3)

What is changing? Amazon is updating the custom Inventory File Template for Beer, Wine & Spirits and the FoodAndBeverages.xsd schema with new mandatory attributes. Listings will not be cre…

The Flat File Manage Quotes Feed is available in the US, Spain, UK, France, Germany, Italy, India, and Japan marketplaces (3)

The Flat File Manage Quotes Feed (_RFQ_UPLOAD_FEED_) is available for Amazon Business sellers in the US, Spain, UK, France, Germany, Italy, India, and Japan marketplaces. Amazon Business sellers c…

Amazon MWS APIs no longer supported for Amazon China marketplace (3)

Starting October 1, 2019, the Amazon MWS endpoint for the Amazon China marketplace is no longer supported. What is changing? On July 18, 2019, Amazon stopped operating a marketplace on Amazon…

Update to the feed templates for shoes listings in Europe (3)

What is changing? Amazon is updating the custom Inventory File Template for shoes and the Shoes.xsd schema with attributes specific to shoe sizes. We will use these new attributes to display standardized and consistent s…

Marketplace Appstore launches worldwide (3)

What has changed? The Amazon Marketplace Appstore is launched in Europe, India, Japan, and Australia! The Amazon Marketplace Appstore helps selling partners identify …

All calls to CreateInboundShipment must include a ShipmentId (3)

What is changing? Starting August 27, 2019, all calls to the CreateInboundShipment operation must include a ShipmentId from a previous call to the CreateInboundShipmentPlan operation. This is required for optimal placeme…

Subscribe to email notifications (3)

To be notified by email when important announcements are posted, you can subscribe to notifications using one of these links: North America region:…

Starting January 31, 2019, PO number will be appended to buyer name for Amazon Business orders (4)

What is changing? Starting January 31, 2019, for Amazon Business orders: In order reports returned by the Reports service, a Purchase Order (PO) number will be appended to th…

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