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The Merchant Fulfillment API now returns reasons for ineligible shipping services (3)

What is changing?The GetEligibleShippingServices operation now returns a list of shipping services that are ineligible based on the ShipmentRequestDetails information specified. Each ineligible shipping service includes …

Amazon MWS supports Sold by AB orders Europe (3)

What is changing?Orders API section We have updated the Orders API section and four reports to support Sold By AB orders. These are orders that contain items that were bought and re-sold by Amazon Business EU SARL (ABEU)…

Amazon MWS supports Global Express orders in the US (3)

What is changing? We have updated the Orders and Merchant Fulfillment API sections to support the fulfillment of Global Express orders. Orders API The ListOrders and GetOrder operations now include the IsGlobalExpressE…

The Finances API section returns TDSReimbursementEvent (3)

What is changing? The Finances API section now returns the TDSReimbursementEvent response element. The TDSReimbursementEvent element contains information that can help sellers track their TDS (Tax Deduction at Source) cl…

Update to listing requirements for the Luggage product type (3)

What is changing? On March 26, 2020, Amazon will update feed templates and feed processing for feeds that create or update listings for the Luggage category in the US marketplace. These changes will help us standardize a…

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